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North Lincolnshire 1/2 Marathon

Sunday 3rd May, I awoke to howling wind and heavy rain! After walking the dog, set off for Scunthorpe about half seven and ten minutes later nearly turned around to go back to bed!

Pushed on and realising time was getting on arrived just in time, carefully negotiating the queue of traffic in the right hand lane managed to park and made my way to the start.  Conditions had eased but it was still windy and wet.  As I walked towards the back of the pack the gun went and i deliberately took it slow to the start line.

Hoped to be under two hours and set off steadily.  Kept pushing, hoping to get to the halfway point at an average of about 5:30 a kilometre (58 mins) and was content to achieve this.  Pushed on in the second half to finish in 1:54:50; so a negative split and within a couple of minutes of my half PB, so pretty pleased.

Noticed during this run that I was passed by very few runners, mainly the speed merchants who arrived even later than myself!  It was actually great to be passing others all the way round and I’m sure this helped me have a very ‘easy’ run.

Plenty of the RED MASSIVE on show, here are the results of those that declared their membership of Hull’s finest running club:

Darren White 1:24:46  52nd place and only seven days after running London Marathon! (respect)

Steve Taylor 1:27:01; Mike Petersen 1:28:47; Mark Starkey 1:29:18; Terry Cross 1:31:24; Shaun Fores 1:32:13; Iain McGowen 1:38:50; Steve Chapman 1:39:40; Carole Fee 1:41;00; Darren Knowles 1:43;36; Rob Wells 1:45:27; John Pritchett 1:50:00; Debbie Jacketts 1:52:05; Mike Murray 1:54:50; Penny Darmody 1:58:32;; Richard (Mac) McLeod 2:06:02; Mandy Davison 2:08:59; Graham Rogerson 2:16:01; Andy Butler 2:16:02; James Braithwaite 3:00:05

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