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Burton Constable 10k

Darren running flat out to keep up in the kids fun run
Darren running flat out to keep up in the kids fun run

Having been a regular camper at Burton Constable since the beginning of time, as soon as The Burton Constable 10k was announced I knew I had to do it. Unfortunately due to bad organisational skills I also booked to go away on holiday that weekend with my girlfriend. So I had to convince my better half to drive me back from our holidays to partake in the event which took some convincing but was well worth the ice cold looks I was getting as we drove back that morning.

When I got to registration I wasn’t greeted by the usual swarm of red vests together that I’d become familiar with at the Summer League races, there was more of a light, fun atmosphere and a lot of people had brought their families and friends so were stood with them. It was clear from the start that this had been organised meticulously and everyone, including non-runners and children, were welcome to the party.

The race itself was very picturesque scenically but I found the mixed terrain quite tricky to run on as it was my first trail race. Starting from the hall the first mile was a lap around the outskirts of the field where we were followed every step of the way by a bunch of lively sheep who were clearly enjoying the occasion as much as everyone else. It was the side of this field we ran past the whale bones which were on the T-shirts and inspired the story of Moby Dick. From here we turned to cross the field separating Burton Constable hall from the caravan site. I found this the part unforgiving as we were running straight into the wind and in the open field it felt like I was running with a parachute on my back.

From there it was across the Bridge and through the touring caravan site. Luckily I had the support of my family cheering me on… “Look at him he’s a brighter shade of red than his vest.” Thanks for that Dad.

Steve looking happier than usual

Steve looking happier than usual

From this point it was back towards the hall and Graham, marshalling, assured me at this point it was all downhill with a back wind. This was my favourite part of the race the view was amazing and despite being scenic all the way round running towards the hall certainly the view that stands out in my mind.

The whole event seemed to run flawlessly and Steve and the team deserve a massive pat on the back for arranging the event and hopefully ensuring it returns again next year. Thanks as always to everyone, to the Marshalls for helping the event take place and the crowds for creating a positive atmosphere. I’m sorry I couldn’t stay to watch the presentation at the end but I had to get back to holiday mode and take the missus out for a meal to try and get back in her good books.

Stuart Buchanan

Making the place look untidy post race
Making the place look untidy post race

Results – BC Results 2015


Lots of images of this race available on Facebook including:

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* Images used in the copy of this article courtesy of Dave Gowans.

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