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Orienteering at Beverley Westwood

Sorry this is coming so late in the day but it was agreed at last week’s committee meeting that EHH members who wanted to come are invited to a low-key orienteering event at Beverley Westwood next Monday evening, 20th July 2015. Unfortunately we have had a problem with the pasture masters who found out about the event and wanted to know why we had not told them! Finally resolved this afternoon.

All necessary instruction on map-reading etc will be available for those who want, as quite a few members have previously asked me for help in this department.

The meeting place is on the south of Newbiggin Pits just past where Westwood Road meets the Westwood. The HALO banner should be there to help and park either side on the road on the grass.

Cost is £2 an adult with children at £1 each – to pay for the maps and towards the pasture masters’ fees. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult on the course.

The event takes the form of a 40 minute ‘score’ event – try to get as many controls as you can in 40 minutes with penalties for being late back! Starts are from 6.30 pm to 7.00 pm.

‘Dibbers’ are available for use without charge but there is a £35 charge for any lost dibber.

Any questions to me at either [email protected] or 01482 821249 but do not guarantee that you will not have to leave a message on the answerphone – which kicks in after 9 sets of rings – as I am often out.

Could you please circulate this to as many members as possible and asap? It would help if people could give me a rough idea as to whether they are coming or not as we need to know how many maps to print.

Regards as always,
Mad Mary

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