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McCain Yorkshire Coast 10K

The 5th time I have travelled to Scarborough for this event.  In the beginning it was a nightmare as you collected your number on the day and the queues were unbelievable, it was touch and go whether you would get to the start line in time. I think Alison Burnett will agree with me on this as she did a couple of the early runs. The last two years have seen a vast improvement with the introduction of numbers being sent through the post and chip timing being introduced. This means that now the process of getting there and to the start line is a much easier proposition and even the queue for the toilets before the race isn’t half as bad as it used to be!

However, quite an early start, especially if like me you had already been on holiday in the area the day before and had to make the journey back again the next day! Nevertheless, we (Laura who kindly drove and I) arrived in good time for the race, along with 20 other East Hull Harriers who had made the journey.   I have to say a brilliant turnout by the EHH massive which I am certain is the biggest turnout we have had!!

Conditions are for some reason always favourable for this race and this year was no exception.  It was quite chilly, a slight breeze but fine and dry – near perfect conditions.  The course is more or less out and back the same way. The race starts from the Spa at South Bay, along the sea front, diverting  alongside Peasholm Park and re-joining the seafront towards North Bay to a turnaround point from where you return to South Bay along the same route.

The number of entries for this race has grown over the years and this year 1,850 places were up for grabs and it was sold out quite early – in the end 1,562 actually took part.

Prior to the race we had the customary pre-race warm up and then we were off!  Plenty of support en route not only from the crowds of people that turnout to support but from our own Dave McGowan and his trusty camera and other EHH Harrier spectators! From a personal point of view I thoroughly enjoyed it, but then I always do, bit of head wind in places and the cobbles on the seafront are a bit difficult to run on (always a bit frightened I trip and end up on my bum….not a good look!)  Normally I don’t like out and backs the same way but seeing how far ahead or behind you are from other people can give you a boost on this course. I think the hardest part of the course is about the 6 mile mark where there is a slight incline to a roundabout then down to the finish line.

Slightly slower than last year by 34 seconds but managed a respectable time of 49.36 (only my second under 50 this year) and picking up the V60 prize for the second year running in the process, so all in all very pleased and will definitely be back again next year.

Congratulations to Alec Gibson 5th overall in a fantastic time of 34.22 and a great run by Ann Allen first EHH lady home in 47.31. Results for EHH runners below, (apologies if I have missed anyone who might have joined after they entered this race).

Position Name Chip Time
5 Alec Gibson 34.22
70 Danny Wilson 40.47
88 Mike Petersen 41.35
168 Guy Gibson 44.16
213 Wayne Martindale 45.01
240 Keith Conkerton 45.5
310 Ann Allen 47.31
325 Karl Rolstone 47.45
350 Martin Howman 48.26
387 Linda Huart 49.02
402 Shirley Oglesby 49.32
468 Neil Mickleburgh 50.39
473 Debbie Jacketts 50.36
625 Kadi Huart 53.27
665 Janice Wilcock 54.14
757 Tony Goulding 54.31
759 Mandy Davison 55.25
760 Laura Cropper 55.56
872 Carla Huart 57.48
939 Paul Bracken 58.46
980 Katie Seddon 59.43
1278 Carol Cooke 1.07.05

Shirley Oglesby

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