12th December 2015 AUTHOR: dwhite CATEGORIES: Event Report

Cleethorpes Maravan (Marathon) Relay 2015

The race was on the 21/11/15, team was made up of 1 East Hull Harrier, 1 City of Hull, 1 Barton & District & 1 Scunthorpe. The conditions were very cold and very windy.

Well got there early met up with the other team members on the way to registration, got numbers and soon after that the race started at 9 am sharp with Tony off first for the team.

2 of us sat in the car which was parked near the Pleasure Island entrance which you could see the runners coming in from their lap and just behind to our left you could see them on their next lap.

As we were watching the race unfold just before Tony was due in Mark set off for the start finish area, we saw Tony coming in off of his 2nd lap still looking strong and then soon after that we saw Mark on his 1st lap on our left.

Just under 30 mins later Mark came through the park entrance soon to be starting has 2nd lap. A little after Ian set off for the start area, A bit later I saw Mark come in off his 2nd lap looking strong soon after I saw Ian was off to my left.

I decided to set off to the start/ finish area and there was a little bit off an atmosphere there after being at the start for a bit I saw Ian coming in from his 2nd lap looking strong.

Then I was off after a little while looking at my watch I knew I was going too fast but willing to see how I got on at that pace, just after crossing a road it was a few quick turns and a mixture of road/off road then I was on a long straight road the straights part of the course) then it was more turns and the 1st mile came up then into the golf course it was a few turns later and I was running on a road which cuts across the golf course that was 1.5 miles and the wind there was so horrible and a little further at the end of the road it was a left turn onto the mud and grass then another turn took you on to more mud but this section was easier to run on, then back onto the road and another turn 2 miles then there was mud and leaves, windy, no support and not a lot of runners around, it was hard going for the next 0.75 miles, by this point I was on a little road which I could see the main road that

I’d come in off in the morning, so I just carried on and got to 3 miles and I set myself a target on over taking a woman who was 300 meters in front of me so I upped my pace then just after getting back into the caravan park I sped up a bit more and later on the last turns I managed to overtake her.

I did my 3.7 mile lap in 43:12 a better pace then I’d expected. I really enjoyed this race and I’ll definitely be back next year. I received a really nice medal, as a team we finished in 5th place out of 13 teams in a time of 3:49:28.

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