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Roseberry Topping Half Marathon (15mile) by Matty Hayes

Upon the North York moors there’s a series of races
Run by XC and fell running folk ,who don’t all have weathered faces,
this collection of events is titled “Hardmoors”
With ultra mara’s,long halfs and 10k’s (as a get out clause)

The race we were doing is known as “Roseberry Topping”
and as the name suggest, the altitude will have your ears popping.
We set off the night before as we were staying just south of ‘boro
with the car absolutely rammed …well we like to be thorough

We checked the forecast and it didn’t bode well
but we duly got up at the 6:30 am alarm bell.
We all met at Guisborough ready for the start
and I toed the line with a thumping heart

Off across the field, and straight into a brutal climb
up to Highcliffe Nab in a fairly quick time.
Legging it across the Moors we were greeted by a sight,
“Roseberry Topping”…….bloody hell what a height!!!!

Straight up from the base, a hell of a slog
you’d be lucky for a quick walk let alone a jog.
Over the top and down the far side,
so icy and muddy it’s probably easier to bum slide .

All the way down to the bottom ,turn round and up again
right back to the top ,legs screaming in pain,
but a glance from the summit the views are spectacular
I’m sure I can see to Whitby ….the home of Count Dracular.

Then off down and away across the Moors at great speed,
past the first big checkpoint but no time for a feed,
another climb to a monument , named after captain cook
but this vista will wait …no time for a look.

By this time I’m pushing hard and leading from the front
but I can’t slow down as the chasing pack is on the hunt.
At the next control the mara and half split
and now I’m really motoring, teeth firmly on the bit.

A short bit of road then again across the Heather,
despite last night’s snow we are blessed with glorious weather.
I grab a quick drink so I don’t start to flag
it’s easy to grab gear from my new Salomon bum bag.

Back to Highcliffe Nab then drop like a stone
I pant  “no one will catch me” as I charge for home.
With the finish in sight the last bit on tarmac,
I know I won’t be beat YES I’m first back

So in 2015, 2 Hardmoor maras and a half ,
this time the shorter distance due to my calf.
Out of all 3 they’ve all been a win
not bad for an owld bloke not yet ready for the bin.

So as I wait to see who’s first in the long’un
in came flying Richey …wot a cracking run!!
who would be next? …..Danny lad !! number 2
3 harriers in the placings cos that’s what we do

Ali n Lucy smashed it for the girls
for long hard fell races these 2 are our pearls.
So if you like long tough fell races that make your legs sore
head up to north Yorkshire to race on the …
…………HARDMOOR !!!!!

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