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Northern Crosss Country Championships @ Witton Park

Some of the EHH Some of the EHH Gang @ Northern XC Championships 2016, BlackburnGang @ Northern XC Championships 2016
Some of the EHH Gang @ Northern XC Championships 2016, Blackburn

The northern cross country championships were held at Witton Country Park in Blackburn this year, a total of 31 hardened east hull members met at the golf club for the journey with traffic dodger Chris Adams been picked up on the way & Mary meeting us there, the trip down was filled with the usual banter with Neil Seddon’s hair been a hot topic in the end he opted for a couple of grips & I have to say he looked very fetching. On arrival at Witton Park we was greeted with a snow shower which was surely the sign of things to come, the conditions under foot were more like a scene from a music festival so I couldn’t wait to get in the mosh pit. The first battle of the day was getting the gazebo up in hurricane Gertrude like conditions but with Sergeant Sisson barking the orders the gazebo was up in no time & we had shelter, for the dismantling of the gazebo I had to retreat to the bus as Nige’s orders were reducing me to tears… that or I was chuffing freezing.

Kirsty Wilson @ Northern XC Championships 2016
Kirsty Wilson

So to the race: the women’s race was 8k & for the men it was 12k – for us there was our seasoned cross country campaigners & also some first timers which was great to see & in the full line up some of the best northern XC runners. In the women’s race first back for us was Kirsty Wilson in a time of 46.59, Kirsty is a bit of a silent assassin who has been gradually improving in every race she does, for the men first back was Alec Gibson in a cracking time of 50.17 & finishing 86th, am sure this puts the disappointment of the Ferriby 10 the previous Sunday well out of the mind. Our men teams came 14th which is a great achievement in a such a top quality field, so well done Alec, Chris, Nigel, Richey, Matty & Jonathan. Full EHH results as follows:


  • Kirsty Wilson 46.59
  • Katie Seddon 47.30
  • Jayne Earle 47.54
  • Linda Huart 49.01
  • Mandy Davison 50.41
  • Jennifer Deyes 52.34
  • Janet Kay 53.39
  • Mary Carrick 65.01


  • Alec Gibson 50.17
  • Chris Adams 51.16
  • Nigel Sisson 52.32
  • Matty Hayes 53.09
  • Richey Buckle 53.30
  • Jonathan Frost 55.35
  • Danny Jones 56.12
  • Robert Weekes 57.23
  • Neil Seddon 58.49
  • Darren White 62.42
  • Mike Jackson 63.56
  • Eddie Rex 64.02
  • Tony Cross 67.36
  • Mike Petersen 69.08
  • Adrian Kamis 69.33
  • Paul Nippress 71.23
  • Graham Wilkinson 76.25
  • Kris Hopkins 78.16
  • Stephen Tichopad 78.16
  • Keith Conkerton 82.15
  • Darren Knowles 82.38
Mike Petersen @ Northern XC Championships 2016
Mike Petersen @ Northern XC Championships 2016

A big well done to everyone that ran definitely one of the toughest races I’ve competed in with strong winds, hale showers & a brute of a course, for me personally I was slightly disappointed with my time but given the aforementioned conditions, lack of grip from my trainers & that energy sapping hill four times I don’t think I could have given anymore. I have really enjoyed the two cross country championships we’ve ran in this year, always a great day out with top team mates.

Thanks to Matty & Alison for sorting out the entries & organising the bus & also thanks to Paul Reed & Sheila Maddison for the great pictures think they really summed up the day – go hard or go home.

Mike Petersen

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