30th July 2016 AUTHOR: dwhite CATEGORIES: Event Report

Ray’s for life

Rays for Life 2016 - James Braithwaite
James Braithwaite with his finishes medal after Rays for Life 2016

Well the race was on a mafting Saturday afternoon on the 16/7/16 at 1pm, the race was billed as a 5KM & the course was 3 laps around the road of East Park.

I got there early and signed up, the race was £5 to enter and you got a medal which pleased me. The race started at 1pm with a field of over 120 plus competitors. I started off well in the race, I was enjoying the race more than I do at parkrun as I think the route is better.

The 1st lap was good as I was on my 2nd lap there were a few people starting late. I was happy at the pace I was doing it made the race feel harder because of the heat, the shaded part of the course under the trees was a relief.

The views as always were nice to look at around East Park. I got to the end of my 2nd lap very surprised I’d managed to keep the pace I was doing I noticed also that the route most likely was not going to be 5KM.

The 3rd lap was again good and for a change I was overtaking a lot of people. As I got to the finish line I finished well, I got my medal also my bottle of water and I looked at my watch it said 3.02 miles in 30:28 I was very impressed with that.

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