24th August 2016 AUTHOR: dwhite CATEGORIES: Event Report

Burton Constable 10k 2016

I got to Burton Constable Hall about an hour before the start, it was a hot morning.

I signed up on the day and received my race number not long after getting there. The venue for the race looked very nice. I talked to a few people for a while until the start of the race.

The race started at 10 am just in front of the hall which was a very pebbly road. The race started, the course continued on the pebbly surface and you pass a cafe not far from the start on the left then the course went onto grass for a few meters and then onto a grass and stone path.

James Braithwaite - Burton Constable 10kWith half a mile into the race I was feeling good but a bit hot from the heat. After following the grass stone surface you then got onto just grass, the course turned right then after about 150 meters or so the course turns right though a gate continuing onto the grass, but there was not such well trodden paths through the 1st part of that part.

I got to 1 mile and I was on for a PB but I was very optimistic about one as I felt spent. After getting to the end of the nice shaded section with the sheep roaming around. I then turned left onto the same surface then 100 meters I turned left onto a more even path, you could see in the distance there was a bridge to come. On that section of the race there was no shade so it was getting mafting.

I got to the bridge over a pond it was a nice view of a pond. After a right turn about 150 meters you were on some nice tarmac on a caravan site. The course just follows the road straight on.

James Braithwaite - Burton Constable 10kYou get to the end of the road then across some stones then back onto the grass and get to 2 miles. This section for me was the hardest on my feet as the surface was bumpy, lumpy and generally uneven. Further on after a right turn and a long semi long bit on grass you turn right then left through a gate a little bit around the pond that has the bridge over it.

You go through another gate and follow the long grass path, in the distance you can see the hall at that point the heat was sweltering. At the end of that bit you turn left and follow it and then take a left through a gate on to the pebbled surface. You follow the path around in a dome shape that little part of the course has some nice views you get to 3 miles then turn left then right and follow the path around back to the start where the drinks station is and then start lap 2.

James Braithwaite - Burton Constable 10k
James Braithwaite finishing strong at the Burton Constable 10k 2016

I was still on for a PB as I started lap 2. On the second lap it felt even hotter making me feel like I was going to pass out but somehow I managed to keep on going to overtake a few more people and have a sprint finish even though I thought I was shafted. I managed to get a 2:52 mins PB.

The atmosphere before the race was good. There were quite a few people around the watching the finish and on the finish straight a group of people cheering me on which was good and spurred me on. Overall the course was tough with scenic views and well supported.

After the start I thought at just over a mile into the race that I hate this race I never want to do it again but by the end I’d enjoyed the race that much my thoughts had changed and it was a lot better than I’d expected, the support off most of the marshals was very good.

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