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The Great North Run 2016

I always love to take part in the Great North Run and this year was no exception. The buzz of the excitement for the day to come starts at the metro station when you impatiently but eagerly await the arrival of your train to whisk you off to Haymarket, the nearest station to the start line.

The weather started as a fresh and clear day with the feel of great race conditions to be had.

As I boarded the metro, there was a feel of anticipation and unity as you would find yourself subconsciously glancing at the array of vests and charity T-shirts packed on the train. Already the atmosphere is beginning to grow and strangers glance and smile at each other and friends give a look of support and reassurance.

On arrival at Haymarket it’s easy to understand my ongoing love for the city. Hundreds of people flock to the start line and a number of familiar face can normally be recognised from far and wide!

20160911_084126_resizedThere are all sorts of people who help create the amazing atmosphere which consists mostly of the ‘Bands on the run’, charity buses, the incredible residents who give us their time coming to show their support and also the different ‘characters’ you see along the way. . . .

After arriving and queuing many a time at one of the many porta loos it was time to make my way to the start line and get warmed up. By this time the day was certainly hotting up and temperatures were up to 20 degrees already.

. . . And we were off…., the buzz of the start of things to come as we ‘Oggy oggy oggied’ through the under passes and over the Tyne Bridge towards Gateshead leading up to ample drink stations, first aiders and wonderful support from the many kids just waiting for a quick high five as you pass. The generous Geordie’s/Sand dancers/Macems offer water, ice pops, ice lollies, jelly beans, half oranges and even beers nearer the finish. I can’t imagine hospitality like it anywhere else! It was hot, it was painful and it was wet running through the showers on route, but God was it great!

The icing on the cake was hearing my fellow harriers cheering me over the finish line from the sidelines. Unfortunately, I didn’t dare turn my head as every last bit of concentration was tuned into just making it to the finish line!

20160911_132507_resizedThe Red Arrows impressed as much as ever and spurred us on! They even came back to see us at the end of use race to show us some more skills…

A PB for me of 3 minutes 52 seconds which I am over joyed at! Loved it and signing up to do it all again next year. It may be pricey but you can’t put a value on an experience like that in my view. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. Well done to all and especially our club members! 🙂

Anthea Eskrett

EHH Finishes - Great North Runner 2017
EHH Finishes – Great North Runner 2017

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