26th January 2017 AUTHOR: dwhite CATEGORIES: Event Report

Hardmoors Roseberry Topping Marathon

And as is tradition I’ve written a poem for you to hear
If no one will recite it to you then have a good read
Cos as race reports go it’s all you need

Last year as a test I did the half
By ‘eck it was cold, you’d need yer scarf
this time I decided to step up to the full
It’s what has to be done when you run for East Hull

Well onto the race and this year no snow
So kit check and registration we’re ready to go
A quick first few miles and I’m in the top three
climbing hard to High Cliffe pushing hard on my knee

Over to Roseberry the leaders pull away
I wouldn’t see them for the rest of the day
straight up and down and back up again
walkers mock us “they must be insane”

Over to Captain Cooks monument all on my own
Not having the best run but to no one I can moan
get to eight miles the Mara and half split
my running and pace pick up, at least for a bit

Out through Kildale and over the moor
over north western moors this is a great tour
as we do a loop back I realise that I am being caught
third place wasn’t as secure as I first thought

As we get to Castleton then fourth place did pass
I don’t think this will be the last time Smithers will kick my ass
Onward to Commondale, I’m still getting caught
but I’m still moving quit well so no need to get fraught

Over the last section of moors twice more overtaken
but still in sixth place unless I’m mistaken
after the pain of the moors down through Gizzy woods I do fly
seventh place trying to catch me, “Yeah you might try”

Final push is half mile all on tarmac
then I see Ali thank god I am back
Into the Hall for the finish is where you do run
were you can flop down with a brew and a rather nice bun

The Mara is 30 miles so plenty of distance for your buck
So when you are struggling you can cry “What the ………..heck”
This race series is a treasure up on t’moors
for some of us it’s our cup of tea, could it be yours!

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