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Manchester Marathon 2 April 2017

Manchester Marathon 2017This year I was one of the many spectators to witness one of my favourite Marathons –   I was the designated driver, as Steve Tichopad, Kirsty Wilson and Magdalena   Zaremba were running,  thought it best I should drive.  We picked the kids up – Kirsty, Mags and Kadi and had a rather noisy drive to Manchester, Kirsty and Mags never shut up from getting in the car to arriving at Manchester!  Excited is an understatement!  We arrived at Steve’s Warehouse Hotel, we had a rekkie walk around the start and finish areas then us girls proceeded to our Hotel in Central Manchester. We all met up for a meal with Kris Hoppy, Kelly his wife and the kids – at least Kirsty had someone on her level now. Then it was an early night for the runners – Kadi and I stayed up a little later as we had a bottle of wine to finish.  We weren’t running – that’s our excuse.

Manchester Marathon 2 April 2017On race morning I drove the kids to Steve’s place which I must admit was the ideal place to stay right on the doorstep of the marathon start.  The start was different from last years but all in all, it was good to be able to stand alongside as they all set off, then it was a short walk to catch the runners at the 3-mile mark.  It was great to see our fast lads all together at mile 3 – but to be honest, I was trying to take pictures and I only saw Danny Wilson – they ran by in a flash and didn’t notice Darren White, Doctor Dan and Tom Dawson  – good going lads.  Then Steve, Kirsty, Kris our Mags and Emma.  We watched all of the Harriers run past then it was off for something to eat and drink with Mandy, Janice, Kelly, Rob and 4 kids in tow, who all were angels to stand around for hours –  whilst the runners were enjoying themselves.

At 1130 we got ourselves in an ideal spot on top of a wall which enabled us to see our runners coming through and cheer as loud as we could.  It was great to see our first runner Darren White coming in then Ton Dawson,  Danny Wilson and so on…  it was a fantastic day and everyone that took part did absolutely brilliant.  I am especially pleased for Kirsty and Mags, as Kirsty can now put the ghosts of Hull Marathon away – go girl knew you would do great and Mags first ever Marathon and they both got Good For Age time and can now do London next year and Steve who beat his time – just another 10 mins and he will also get a good for age, (speed work on Tuesdays).

We all met up at the Pub again for some food and a well-deserved beer (no beer for me though, Driving).

A nice quiet drive home for me as everyone had their heads in their phones!!! Phew!!!  Even though they were all well chuffed with themselves – go Harriers.

Well done to each and every one of you – I am so proud to be a part of this Club.

Manchester Marathon 2 April 2017

Linda Huart

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