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Summer League Race 6 Coniston 10k – Results

Despite returning from Cor Phew this evening I’ve still managed to complete the results for last night’s Coniston 10k so here they are:

Now don’t get too excited because I doubt the rest will be completed and published till Friday, especially as I need to go for a run tomorrow night.

Shame I missed this one (should have been away for the 8 miler…..) especially as the conditions seem to have been cool, unlike my last run on the sea front at Ipsos……….

Update Friday 2150, 30th June:

Handicap results, current standings and prizewinners completed and attached below!


PS don’t forget that the handicap league starts to get a bit more complex herein as only six results out of the eight races count.  This means that you have to score more points than your existing lowest score to increase your total points…………….

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