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Breaking News……..Breaking News………Breaking News………….

Harriers Three Mile Handicap Champion reveals intention to set up new business providing weight loss and runner’s training advice service in exclusive interview with the club reporter.

Yes, Mike (Ex-fat boy) Murray has advised that his new business will be founded on five pillars or truths that will show all runners how to train and the dieting advice necessary for success.

These pillars are:

  • Move more
  • Eat less
  • Run more often
  • Run further
  • Run faster

By following his own advice, Mike recently managed to overcome long term injury, drinking too much, over eating and drinking too much, to enable him to succeed in the three mile handicap , race two of the winter league.

That’s enough of that crap; in reality thanks are due in no small part to Kris Lecher whose physiotherapy services have at long last started to come to fruition.

The benefit of a generous handicap also played its part, thank you Mike Petersen.

I had an inkling that my handicap may be on the generous side when at the club the week before the race; I’d been told I’d be setting off with a bunch of girls…………….I assumed he just thought I was one too!

I arrived at the clubhouse in good time on Saturday even taking the opportunity to run two miles to the club as a warm up.  I collected my number and a quick check revealed that I was off six minutes after Mary Carrick but 11:30 ahead of the fast lads like Mike Hargreaves.  It was on!

After a few more stretches, a change into my fujirunners and a run back to the club for my lost glove and another pee I was waiting on the drain bank.

Two arrived and Mary was off, a few others then it was the turn of Michelle Smith, Cally Harrison, Sue Beever, Heidi Akester, Laura Pinder and myself.

This put me in a quandry, play the gentleman and let the ladies get to the gate and stile first and enjoy the view or not?  Nahh! Go for it, get there first and push all the way.

First objective achieved. Pushed on and over took Janie Wilcock and Keith Gadie whilst still on the drain bank.  Kept pushing and caught others regularly.  Nearly got sent the wrong way off the embankment by the photographer but just spotted the marshal further ahead in time.

As I came off the embankment I could see Mary in the distance, kept pushing and went past whilst still on the field.  Back up the embankment and the fast lads began to appear on their outward leg, that looked promising for a good result.

At this stage I was having to dig in for a final push, someone shouted there were just three in front!

Went past someone else along the playing field, then it was a left onto the drain bank and I could see two more in front, “keep pushing Murray” I was saying to myself.

Then I was second with just David Bell in front and I was catching him as we approached the last gate and stile.

Then Dave was ‘attacked’ by the ‘hound of the Baskerville’s and once he psed through the stile he had to stop and check himself/recover.

Sorry Dave but I was focussed on just the one thing and as you hadn’t fallen over bleeding profusely there was no way I was going to stop.

Then I was past……..and I could hear footsteps catching me…………”push Murray” I mentally screamed at myself, “PUUUSSSHHHHHH” was all I thought.

Then I could see the finish and I was still in front and I daren’t even try and glance behind then the line was there and someone said “way in front Mike, way in front”.

And that was it! First across the line………Me first across the line!

Clock time 31:59 a sub five minute three mile cross country, even I hadn’t believed I could run that pace!

So that is a new experience for me, one I’ll struggle to repeat, but what a feeling, I’m over the moon.

Unless I can count the Middle Holderness Pub Team Domino League winner from the late 70’s when I played for the George & Dragon, Aldbrough as a sporting ‘winner’ then this result is the first real sporting achievement of my life.

So, from this ex fat lad I’d like to thank East Hull Harriers & AC for giving me this opportunity ……..bloody hell I hated running as a teenager unless it was with ball in hand on a rugby pitch!

So just to set the record straight the results from Saturday are:

Fastest times:

1              Mike Hargreaves              16:51                                     Anneliese Tomlinson                      22:07

2              Steve Bateson                   17:08                                     Helen Horrobin                                 22:23

3              Robert Weekes                                17:34                                     Kerry Young                                       22:27


1              Mike Murray                      30:59 (6:00)                         Laura Gunstead Palframan          32:01 (5:00)

2              Matthew Pinder               31:51 (7:00)                         Tina Wigglesworth                           32:19 (3:30)

3              David Bell                            31:55 (1:00)                         Janet Kay                                             32:45 (6:30)

(Handicap Start Time in Brackets)

It just remains for me to thank all those involved in organising the event, all you lovely marshalls, time keepers and recorders, funnel managers and the handicapper himself, if there were any prize money I feel duty bound to share……..

Till next time,

Mike Murray

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