31st December 2017 AUTHOR: dwhite CATEGORIES: Event Report

Yorkshire Marathon 2017

Well, here I am again..same marathon, another year! Having enjoyed running the Yorkshire marathon in 2016, I signed up again to run the 2017 one. However, this time the aim was to beat my previous time, especially because I was so close to a good for age time!

After training over early summer and early autumn, including running with some of the guys from EHH, aka the aptly named ‘slow’icide group, the time was soon here to take on marathon no. 2, starting with a 5am wake up and collecting two of my work colleagues on the way. Before I knew it, there I was crossing the line again. The first 6 or so miles flew by, passing the four hour pacer and receiving some encouragement from two hornsea harriers (love the running community J ).

The next section definitely seemed longer, running passed some very enthusiastic brownies and catching up with Guy Gibson.

The half way point then came in site (not my fastest half time but I was running twice the distance! I soon past all the spectators at 14/15 mile and got up to 17/18 mile point that seemed longer than I remembered, it felt like I was never going to approach the turn around point, however, was nice to see some of the other harrier guys (ahead of me on the other side).

At around mile 18 was a big timer, stating the time was 2hrs and 36 or so minutes in, at this point, I knew I could get my good for age and could slow slightly in the next miles if I needed to. This was comforting, because the tiredness did start to creep in, especially past 18 miles and between miles 21-23. At this point, I was questioning in my head why I had decided to run another one! However, with good for age in my head, I kept going and was soon approaching 25 miles. I was greeted by David Gingell snapping photographs and telling me I was the first east hull harrier lady, not something to shout about, I was the ONLY one(?!).

I soon approached the horrible incline not far from the finish and was soon approaching the finish line, with my name announced by the spectator, keeping an eye on the big timer. As I crossed the finish line, I knew I had done it and, on checking my phone, received congrats messages from my partner and also from Alison who had both been tracking me along the way. I congratulated, Dan, Tim and the other EHH guys who were all stood not far from the finish and then had a to dash off to the nearest port a loo because I did not feel well at all! I then ventured to the finish line to cheer on both of my colleagues and also to cheer on other fellow EHH’s including Shaun who also beat his last marathon time.

I would have been happy with just sub 3:45, however beat that to achieve 3:37:10 which I was very pleased with (nearly 10 minutes faster), and am really excited about the prospect of running London marathon in 2019. Of course, I need to keep up the long distance running next year, so the question is, which marathon next….

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