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Filey Flyer 6 January 2018

The East Yorkshire Long Distance Walkers Association (LDWA) put on some great events, probably most of you will have done the Rudolph’s Romp at the beginning of December but, to note, they also do two bi-annual events at the beginning of January – the Scarborough Rock and Filey Flyer.  The events both have a long and short routes and this year it was the turn for the Filey Flyer.

Having never run or walked this event before, I was cautious of what the challenges the winter weather would throw at us.  234 people started out from Filey on the course with 130 of them choosing to undertake the 22 mile route at the split with the 16 mile route.

The first section of the walk takes you North away from Filey along the Cleveland Way to Lebberston Cliff and was by far the trickiest section, sloppy mud, still water and progress hampered by gusts of wind and hail, fortunately coming from the sea to land or we would have struggled to stay on the cliff edge in sections.  Note: if path proves to be too muddy around the camp site area, you can run on the other side of the fence where the turf is firm, as the familiar regulars demonstrated steaming past us.  Also, remember to take a look back as you go along the cliff for the sunrise and views across Filey.

Leaving the cliff at self-clip check point 2, the first being a bucket drop close to the start, there is a sharp climb followed by a bit of track/road running to the first manned check point number 3.  Once checked, there’s more road/track running interspersed with a bit of cross country to check point 4 and offering hot dogs !??  Leaving checkpoint 4, having had a slurp of water, we pick up the Yorkshire Wolds path or mud/quagmire path, to check point 5 where the 2 routes split.  Note: if you like leaping about, you can just about get through with getting your toes wet or invest in some waterproof socks.

Leaving the check point on the long route, there’s a slight climb on a good chalk path followed by great views and a bit of downhill running before entering and running along the flat bottom of North Dale towards Fordon and check point 6, offering an array of beverages and food.  From check point 6 runners/walkers go across well marked private land back towards check point 5 and the Centenary Way to check point 7; Check point 6 being a self-clip.  This section proved to be challenging due to fairly strong headwinds as we steadily climbed The Sheep Walks, putting back on our hats and zipping up our jackets helped however, despite our actions the wind chill factor quickly dropped our body temperature as we crossed the plateau top, before a welcome relief was had descending down to re-join the short route walkers on the Centenary Way.  From then on it was mainly boggy/sloppy mud bridle ways to CP 7 and onto tracks and roads to Hunmanby and the finish at Filey, where a badge/certificate/tea/meat pie, potatoes, mushy peas and sponge and custard was waiting.  An easy route to follow, if not challenging at times.

If you have never been on an East Yorkshire LDWA event or any other LDWA event, I would strongly recommend you to, they are for people of all abilities of different distances, a great way of seeing parts of the country you would not normally see, well supported in terms of food and drinks, you can run or walk or run/walk them, there will always be someone around you to have a chat with.  However, do be warned, if you do take your partner or your faithful hound, that’s more boot washing and paw cleaning to do 🙂

Results: Joint first; Mark Bissel 3:10, Third; Jeff McQueen 3:12, joint twentieth; Carole and Gary Fee 3:58 and our own 50 ‘cent EHH Alan Smith who walked the 16 miles 🙂

Gary Fee

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