28th May 2018 AUTHOR: dwhite CATEGORIES: Event Report

Winter League

Darren White has persuaded me, reluctantly I might add, to write something for the newsletter as the Ladies Winter League winner.  The problem is what can I say, I certainly didn’t expect to win it but on the other hand I’m absolutely delighted.  It wasn’t until the last two races that I thought I might be in with a chance of being in the top three, so I decided to give it my all and with the help of the handicapper who might have been a little kind to me with one or two of the races, or did I just have good runs(?) not sure, I managed to pull it off.

To be fair I do try my very best in all my races but I do enjoy the winter league as to me there isn’t any real pressure.  I’ve gone from loathing off road in the early days of my running (12 years now!!) to loving it. I would much rather do any off road run than road any day.  In the early days we would struggle to get 6 ladies to compete in the winter league – to be fair there weren’t that many more ladies in the Club!!  To see the number of ladies taking part now is unbelieveable and makes for a real competition. It really doesn’t matter whether you are fast or slow, finish first, in the middle or last you can come out on top, it’s all down to the handicapper, who in fairness has an extremely difficult job.

I am also sure it’s also down to a bit of luck if you end up in the top three – it could have been an entirely different result if Jan Suddaby hadn’t had to pull out of the Brantingham Hill race after being ill a few days before, if Cally Harrison hadn’t been on holiday and Linda Douglas/ Laura Pinder had been able to do all the races as they scored highly for the 3 races that they did. It was also great to see Michelle Smith’s transfer to a Red Vest netted her Paull race handicap winner…see Rachel Sharp no pressure!

I hope next year’s winter league will get even more support so that we can achieve a record number of ladies taking part – so as soon as the next Winter Fixture List appears get them dates in your diaries!!  As I said whatever your ability have a go take it from me you will love it …and I will do my absolute best to defend my title…so watch out ladies!!

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