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Bolton Hill Half Marathon

This is a half road and half trail race.  Knowing what it is like after running it last year I thought I better get some training in.  So off to Brantingham for some hill and off road work.

On the morning of the race I arrived at Moss Bank Park about  08:30 hours.  First thing to do was collect my race number.  Then decide which shoes to race in, my Invo8, Trail Trainers or Road Trainers.  As the ground was hard and dry, the weather was going to be hot, 22oc.  I decided to wear my Road Trainers.

Bolton Hill Half Marathon - Tim GrovesThe race started prompt at 09:30 hours and we were off. The first 2.5 miles are all up hill on the road. I was in second place. Then it goes off road still climbing for another mile. Then it turns left at the aerial mast on a fast down hill road section for just over 1 mile. Its a sharp right for a bit more off road down hill, then the rest is all up hill to Rivington Pike Tower.

At this point I found myself in front for my first time ever in a race!!

We climbed the 50 or 60 steps to the Tower and down the back of Rivington Pike. Then back the same way as we had come.

On the road section back up to the aerial mast I got over taken by 2 runners. I thought don’t panic I can catch them on the down hill part. As we were getting near the final part of the trail section I was catching the two runners in front of me but I took the wrong line and lost my footing and fell over landing in the boggy part next to the trail. I picked myself up us quick as possible still in third place but lost some ground. So when we got back on the road I gave it all I could to catch the second place runner and passed him.

Then it was the steepest part of the road section trying my hardest to catch the lead runner but my fall left to big of a gap to make up and ended up finishing in second place. My best finishing position ever!! Chip Time 1:45:03. With a elevation of 1,828ft

The only bad part about it my Garmin and Strava made it only 13 miles not 13.1 miles. Last year my time was 1:53:45 and the course was 13.4 miles long. Improvement of 8 minutes 42 seconds.

All in all it was a fantastic day. Love the out and back hill climb. Absolutely made up with my second place. I might even try the Full Bolton Hill Marathon next year on the Saturday!

Tim Groves

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