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Bridlington Half Marathon Report

Having been running since late 2012 and a EHH member since 2013, this half marathon has been on my list to do for some time but, not got around to ticking it off, either due to an Autumn Marathon or post Marathon holiday. I put on my list to do this year but, then ruled it out as had signed up to do Gruesome Twosome the following weekend with Vicky Godfrey and decided not to have 2 weekends of racing.

Temptation was first put into changing my mind when, I saw the medal being in the style of a pint of beer and also actually doubling up as a bottle opener (I’m a sucker for something different!)

The second temptation that swayed my decision was, Katie Seddon messaging me during the week after Hull Marathon to ask if I was doing it and that she would be entering along with Kirsty Wilson. As the marathon was still not out of my legs I said I would decide after trying out a 10 mile run on the Sunday, which was the day the entry closed. The run went well and my name was on the list, lured further by the kind offer of a lift and the company of her and Kirsty.

The weekend of the race came and the forecast looked decidedly grim with lots of rain forecast. It rained heavily Saturday night and I was wondering why I’d thought it was a good idea to have signed up but, bag packed with a change of clothes I was committed along with 500 or so other runners. Sunday morning and the rain still came down, we messaged each other wondering if it maybe called off (out of concern for the Marshalls of course 😉).

And so we headed to the coast along with Lee Alcock with his talk of how he hoped for PB, I love being around positive people on days like these 😀.

When we arrived Katie somehow, managed to blag a spot in the leisure centre car park and we escaped to the comfort and warmth of the changing rooms, where we were able to leave our things. Changed with just enough time to join the crowd, before heading out to the seafront, huddling under a shelter and then getting into position at the start line.

I was alongside Kirsty for the first stretch and up the slope taking us away from the sea. Other runners had said the course was quite up and down for the first 9 miles at least, so made a conscious effort not to over push myself, (taking heed from my mistake at Hull!). The route goes to Flamborough/Bempton and returns through a section of Sewerby Hall grounds, before finishing back on the seafront. After a short time running, we went under a railway bridge, where it was nice to find Paul Nippress cheering us on along with Rosie. In those first few miles I found myself alongside a man from Brid Road Runners who was doing similar pace ask myself, so made a conscious effort to stay around him, which worked until the water station at around 6 1/2 miles when I had my gel, which came in well for the hill climb at 7 miles.
Fortunately the rain had stopped by mile 5 but, there didn’t appear to be any other let ups as by mile 10, I was still wondering what had happened to the promise of: it will all be downhill in the last few miles but, the support of the Marshalls directing and encouraging us throughout was appreciated. Anyway we eventually wound our way into Sewerby grounds with a short lap through it, taking us back onto the headlands path again (with Paul and Rosie cheering us on) back onto the seafront and the finish line in sight and Vicky Godfrey cheering us on and taking photos.

Fortunately, those last 2 miles were all downhill, which gave me my best 2 miles in terms of pace. Kirsty was not far behind with Katie following and we all made it back to the warmth of the leisure centre to get changed and a well-earned latte, before discovering the Presentation was taking place in a room at the back of the cafe and I’d won my Age Category Prize and Kirsty/Katie and myself, had won the Team Prize, so a great day all round.

Despite the poor weather on the day, I can thoroughly recommend this event and one I will keep on my running calendar and return to. The race route is very scenic and challenging, well organised, with good marshalling, great medal and prizes, if lucky enough to win one 😊.

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