19th March 2020 AUTHOR: dwhite CATEGORIES: Event Report

Snake Lane 10

This was my second race of the year and my 4th time taking part in this race, I always get very nervous on the morning before any race. But this race I was extremely nervous as in January and I had taken part in the Ferriby 10 mile and it was a disaster so I didnt know how this race would turn out. My dad came along as always my no1 supporter who always has too much faith in me when I take part in races, as I headed to the start line I was excited and nervous and had in my head that I wanted to beat last years time of 1:27 and then if I could beat my 2017 time of 1:18 I would be even happier but I try not to get my hopes up too much as it puts to much pressure on myself and then I dont enjoy the race and feel like I have let myself down at the finish.

As everyone started to stand behind the start line I didnt want to go too close to the front but I wanted the 80 minute pacer behind me and the 70 minute pace in the seeing distance so I could try and keep up with them. Whenever I am doing a race and people overtake me I always feel like I am running as slow as a snail as they seem really fast. But on this race I felt like I was running fast for me and that If i could keep this up for the rest of the race I would be very happy.

Whilst running along I always say well done to people as I run along side them, I got chatting to a few fellow running friends and asked them what time they was aiming for and one said 71 minutes I said no way will I get that I am just hoping to beat 1:27 I thought If i could get anywhere near 71 minutes I would be really happy. At around mile 5 I started to run along side a young lady runner from Hull and I asked her if I could try and keep up with her and asked her what time she was aiming for and she said 73 minutes and I thought wow I have managed to keep this up for 5 miles, if I keep can keep going like this for the rest of the 5 miles I might have it in the bag.

As this was my 4th time taking part in the race I was aware of the course and where the hills are so I always saved something in the bag when I knew a hill was coming up. I tend to not always look at my watch on races as it can affect how I feel running so I just had a quick glance at it at mile 9 and thought wow keep going nearly there. As I was heading towards the finish with 400 yards to go I could see the clock tower which said ten past 10 and I thought wow great I have done this. As I reached the finish line and saw my dad cheering me on I felt so happy and overwelmed that I had managed to do it, it was nice to see the east hull harriers cheering me on and and saying how well I had done. That is what it is all about been a part of the east hull harriers which I really enjoy, I love the running family everyone is so nice and friendly.

Ven Moverley

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