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How to run like an idiot and ignore everything you’ve learned: The Oulton Park Half Marathon 2018

As the end of February approached, I reflected on the first few weeks of 2018 against the intimidating prospect of tackling London – my first marathon since 2015. I’d exorcised the demons of Dewsbury, posting my first ever official sub-39 minute 10k; I’d taken 3 minutes off my Ferriby 10mile time, and according to Strava, I’d PB’d over 2 miles and 5km in training, and 10km, 15km, and 10 miles in races. Training had been going pretty well – I’d been able to up my mileage without any signs of injury, and to top it off, I’d managed to stick with the Suicide Squad for an entire two miles one night. So, it was with some confidence, and a spring in my stride, that I approached my next test in my road to marathon adequacy.

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London marathon blog – month 3

Week 9: How has it go to week 9 already……Anyway March is a really key month in my training as the East Hull 20 takes place on the 18th March, whilst my weekly mileage is relatively low compared to others I feel my general fitness, engine, grit & a strong mental attitude gets me through.

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All times and details are the same , such as collect number on the day, 10am start etc.

We have reopened the edit detail on the entry system to allow those runners who cannot make the new date. They can transfer there entry to another runner if possible, this closes on Thursday 22nd March. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

And apologies to those who cannot make it, but safety had to come first.

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!!!! EAST HULL 20 !!!!! Still out on the course and we have collectively come to the very hard decision to call off tomorrow’s event . As we speak the snow is drifting and the roads are icing up let alone the gale force winds . 

Please accept our sincere apologies but I’m sure everyone will understand the reasons for our decision ! 

We are looking at hastily rearrange for next Sunday 25th March subject to all the relevant resources/ licences/ council being in agreement/available . 

We will post a definite yes/no on Tuesday evening so please keep checking 

Once again thank you for you understanding but this is really out of our control 

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