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Summer League Race Eight Hedon 4 Mile Results

Udate! Update! Udate!

I’ve attached the last documents to finalise this year’s summer league.

There have been some stellar performances right through the field and this has resulted in some cracking racing.

The handicap league has been interesting with several early front runners falling away (including myself) and close conclusion.  The runners in the first twelve places after race seven had the potential to win the league and we must congratulate Shaun Alcock, the eventual winner; indeed, its “Well ran everyone”.

I have to thank Pete Dearing for all his selfless work organising the whole series and every one that has dug in and assisted as marshalls, time keepers, number recorders, entry takers and any other role I have forgotten.  I can assure you that every runner appreciates your time.

I must also thank everyone for their positive comments about my abilities compiling the results.  There have been some hiccoughs along the way and I have appreciated the assistance of Peter “Yoda” Taylor (Spreadsheet Jedi) sorting out some of the issues…..especially the spectacular disaster (some may say ‘fiasco) compiling the results of race two!  Its been both interesting and at times intense and I have largely enjoyed the experience.

So that’s it for the Summer League 2017, see you all next year!

The last set of results for the summer league attached below.

You will need to bear with me whilst I format the remaining documents which have taken a little longer to process due to some spreadsheet glitches I have been ironing out.

Due to this there are some changes to announce to the handicap results as follows:

Tom O’Brian, City of Hull has been promoted to third place on the night and is due £10. All existing prize winners keep their winnings as the last two places announced yesterday were tied and are now in joint fifth place!

The glitches have also resulted in a change of position in the final league table and promoted sixth place to joint fifth! The places are now as follows:

  1. Shaun Alcock
  2. Beth Dearing
  3. Kevin Anholme
  4. Kay Farrow
  5. JOINT Emma Jayne Brackstone & Linden Washby

Peter Dearing will be ensuring that those due winnings will receive them, and Kevin Anholme’s prize on the night will stand.

Apologies for any confusion, I told you I should have just put bib number 163 in every finishing position………


12th July 2017 AUTHOR: Mike Murray CATEGORIES: Event Report, News Tags: , ,

Summer League – Skirlaugh 8 Mile Results

I know you’ve all been waiting for these especially as the handicap league hots up. The two leaders both suffered on Tuesday, one not running the other not scoring high enough despite finishing in exactly his handicap time………well done Peter Dearing!

As ever, the leading runners pushed each other hard with some really good times, and in case anyone missed it, Mr. Keith (tedious) Conkerton ran really well once again for yet another personal best, joking apart, great running Keith.

Once again, I deny any responsibility for your individual handicap times, if you spot any errors please let me know; and if there are any then it’ll probably be down to yours truly…….enjoy!

28th June 2017 AUTHOR: Mike Murray CATEGORIES: News Tags: ,

Summer League Race 6 Coniston 10k – Results

Despite returning from Cor Phew this evening I’ve still managed to complete the results for last night’s Coniston 10k so here they are:

Now don’t get too excited because I doubt the rest will be completed and published till Friday, especially as I need to go for a run tomorrow night.

Shame I missed this one (should have been away for the 8 miler…..) especially as the conditions seem to have been cool, unlike my last run on the sea front at Ipsos……….

Update Friday 2150, 30th June:

Handicap results, current standings and prizewinners completed and attached below!


PS don’t forget that the handicap league starts to get a bit more complex herein as only six results out of the eight races count.  This means that you have to score more points than your existing lowest score to increase your total points…………….

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