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Summer League Sproatley Seven Miles (Corrected)

Well what an evening that was…..pretty wet for nearly everyone…..except yours truly, who claimed he needed to add the entries on the night onto the spread sheet and spent his time quaffing ale and entertaining a certain young Miss Jacketts……..who has the same expensive tastes as her mum……..

We welcomed running buddies from afar this week, Jenny, Judy, Helena, Colin, David and Richard all made the trip from Baddesley Ensor (near Birmingham) in North Warwickshire.  That’s some commitment to running to make a 260 mile round trip up to six hours travelling just for a seven mile race in good old East Yorkshire.  If there were prizes for distance travelled, you guys would have walked it…..see what I did there?  Anyways I hope you all enjoyed the race and maybe we’ll see you again sometime?

Now as for the rest of you, I hope you all enjoyed the race too, despite the lousy conditions.

Mike Hargreaves (EHH) continued his clean sweep coming home in 37:46 over a minute and a half ahead of  Gregan Clarkson (KUHAC) and Andy Deyes (EHH) a further 17 seconds behind.

In the ladies event it was an East Hull Harriers clean sweep with Kirsty Wilson (48:48) followed in by Katie Seddon (49:43) and Carole Fee (50:15)

Both team prizes going to the East Hull massive.

In the evening’s handicap event the conditions obviously told as there were only 15 athletes equalling or better their respective handicap times, great running.  First three were: John Pawson (CoH); Anthony Whitely (Unatt.); Jackie Kirman (HH).

In the handicap league, this week sees the introduction of the removal of the first of the two low scores; the second will appear after the next two races.  Remember, the league is best six from eight results!

This brings in some changes at the top: leaders are now:

  • 1st John Pawson (CoH) 323 points
  • 2nd Simon Adcock (KuHAC) 292 points
  • 3rd  Alan Smith 291 points
  • 4th Demi Johnson 266 points
  • 5th Oliver Burnett 264 points (all EHH)

All still to play for!

So, that’s all from me folks, till next time,


2nd June 2019 AUTHOR: dwhite CATEGORIES: Event Report

Brighton 10k 14th April 2019

It was late summer 2018 when a conversation with Andy & Yvonne Fewster resulted in Andy inviting Kim and I to take part in his last ever road race, Brighton 10k which takes place in a festival of running including the Brighton Marathon. In a fit of enthusiasm all four of us signed up for the 10k and hotels were booked for an extended weekend on the south coast.

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Summer League Leven 10k – Results

Good evening all.

Despite the doom and gloom I have been able to process the results whilst also repairing the washing machine! Who knew, a bloke that can multi-task…….

So without further commentary here are the results, knock yourselves out……………

Any errors, let me know by the usual means.


30th May 2019 AUTHOR: dwhite CATEGORIES: Event Report

Manchester 2019: Chasing adequacy…

GFA – three little letters which, by proxy, suggest that anything less than this is a bit pants. When it comes to the marathon of course, nothing is ever really ‘a bit pants’ – regular runners can bluff their way through 10k’s and even half marathons, but there’s no blagging a marathon. Finishing one is a monumental effort of mind and body. Some follow training plans, some just whack up the mileage, but either way, the journey to the start line has always started months in advance, and has required dedication and sacrifice, whether that’s beers the night before a long run, a lay in on a weekend, or time with the family – no-one rocks up to a marathon and performs to their potential if they haven’t prepared themselves.

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