East Hull Harriers
12th July 2017 AUTHOR: Mike Murray CATEGORIES: Event Report, News Tags: , ,

Summer League – Skirlaugh 8 Mile Results

I know you’ve all been waiting for these especially as the handicap league hots up. The two leaders both suffered on Tuesday, one not running the other not scoring high enough despite finishing in exactly his handicap time………well done Peter Dearing!

As ever, the leading runners pushed each other hard with some really good times, and in case anyone missed it, Mr. Keith (tedious) Conkerton ran really well once again for yet another personal best, joking apart, great running Keith.

Once again, I deny any responsibility for your individual handicap times, if you spot any errors please let me know; and if there are any then it’ll probably be down to yours truly…….enjoy!

11th May 2017 AUTHOR: dwhite CATEGORIES: Event Report

Manchester Marathon 2017

Which came first the baby or the marathon? As I write this several week after the fact then most, if not all will know the answer. Zachary Tomasz White was very good and arrived a whole 11 days late ensuring the weeks of training were not wasted (there was a backup plan of London but I’ll get back to that at the end).

11th May 2017 AUTHOR: dwhite CATEGORIES: Event Report

Manchester Marathon 2 April 2017

This year I was one of the many spectators to witness one of my favourite Marathons – I was the designated driver, as Steve Tichopad, Kirsty Wilson and Magdalena Zaremba were running, thought it best I should drive. We picked the kids up – Kirsty, Mags and Kadi and had a rather noisy drive to Manchester, Kirsty and Mags never shut up from getting in the car to arriving at Manchester! Excited is an understatement!

9th May 2017 AUTHOR: dwhite CATEGORIES: Event Report

Baildon Boundary Way 2nd April 2017

I saw this advertised back in November and happened to be speaking with Judy Nicholson at the Leven Pack Run. She told me how good a race it was and that a few of our members would regularly travel there a few years ago.  I know Guy Gibson had run it in 2016 so I thought ‘Why not?’ and duly entered, intending to pick up training around Christmas. Everyone had said the race is OK until about 8 miles then you need to get back to Baildon over the moor so starts to climb….erk alors, I’m not that good on hills!    I had vague recollections of other club members entering the event, but more of that later.

Read about it here . Uadreams on www.linkedin.com