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9th May 2017 AUTHOR: dwhite CATEGORIES: Event Report

Massey Ferguson RC 10k

Following on from The EHH Good Friday Hill race Sheila and myself travelled down to Warwick for the weekend. Despite tired legs from the hill race the plan was for me to take in Leamington parkrun on the Saturday then for both of us to compete in The Massey Ferguson Running Club 40th Anniversary 10k race at Stoneleigh.

25th April 2017 AUTHOR: Mike Murray CATEGORIES: Event Report, News Tags: ,

Summer League Race One – Prize List and Handicap Table

Last of the documents from the first summer league race.  Both the prize list and handicap table on the one spreadsheet.

If you want to print them I suggest two operations, highlighting the relevant section and making sure you click on ‘print selection’ (not that you should really believe anything this IT idiot ever tells you).

Once again, I’m not responsible for the handicapping, if I were, I’d have been a lot higher up……………

EHH Summer League 2017 R1 prizes & handicap positions

13th April 2017 AUTHOR: dwhite CATEGORIES: Event Report

Hardmoors 55: Type Two Fun

By the time I had finished the coach journey from Guisborough to Helmsley, queued for kit check and stood around chatting for two hours, I had been up for six hours before we eventually set off on this race. Having said that, I’d got my head down at a reasonable time the night before and I always think that 5 and a half hours of decent sleep is much more valuable than eight hours of broken sleep in a B&B or wherever. I managed to get on the emptiest of the coaches anyway, and chatted to Yannick Peron who does a lot of longer events and is nice and calm – his only sin is that he comes from the wrong side of our city. It always helps to get sat near someone who isn’t going to get too agitated on the coach, because it can quickly rub off on you: I remember the guy a few years ago who was throwing his guts up on the coach because he was so nervous about the run.

11th April 2017 AUTHOR: dwhite CATEGORIES: Event Report

Golden Fleece (15 miler – that’s enough for me thanks)

The Golden Fleece is an event by the South Cave Scout Group, there are two choices of route that you can take a short (as if) 15 miler, or the long (I’ll say) 27.5 miles. It’s been a popular and successful event for East Hull Harriers and the long route has been completed first by one of our red brethren every year since 2013. This year was doubly successful as both races were won by an East Hull Harrier, Rob Weekes coming home first in the long route and Danny Wilson winning the shorter race.