East Hull Harriers
13th July 2015 AUTHOR: dwhite CATEGORIES: News

As if just running isn’t enough

The summer months have so far been put to good use by various club members by cycling to events; this has been recently heralded as a “new phenomenon” by Mike Murray in his report for the Withernsea 5 mile. I’m sure one or two of our members may be inclined to ask what’s so new about that ? John Baker in particular has been cycling to events for years and indeed cycled to the Withernsea race although not with our group. But I think Mike may be referring to the dubious amount of after race “refreshment” or beerdration as I like to call it, that being car free (and care free) allows us to consume.

6th July 2015 AUTHOR: Mike Murray CATEGORIES: News

Race Calendar

If anyone learns of a race that you think other members would like to hear about send me the details by email, facebook message, etc.  I’ll endeavour to post details as soon as I can. Thanks, Mike

28th January 2015 AUTHOR: Mike Murray CATEGORIES: News

Summer Road League 2015

This year’s summer league opens on the 21st April at New Ellerby (Railway Inn) with a seven o’clock start for the first five miles of the summer league. Events follow every fortnight at Sproatley (6m), East Park (4m), Leven (10k), Sproatley (7m), Coniston (10k), Skirlaugh (8m) and Hedon (4m) with the usual end of league celebration at the Haven Arms