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12th July 2017 AUTHOR: Mike Murray CATEGORIES: Event Report, News Tags: , ,

Summer League – Skirlaugh 8 Mile Results

I know you’ve all been waiting for these especially as the handicap league hots up. The two leaders both suffered on Tuesday, one not running the other not scoring high enough despite finishing in exactly his handicap time………well done Peter Dearing!

As ever, the leading runners pushed each other hard with some really good times, and in case anyone missed it, Mr. Keith (tedious) Conkerton ran really well once again for yet another personal best, joking apart, great running Keith.

Once again, I deny any responsibility for your individual handicap times, if you spot any errors please let me know; and if there are any then it’ll probably be down to yours truly…….enjoy!

28th June 2017 AUTHOR: Mike Murray CATEGORIES: News Tags: ,

Summer League Race 6 Coniston 10k – Results

Despite returning from Cor Phew this evening I’ve still managed to complete the results for last night’s Coniston 10k so here they are:

Now don’t get too excited because I doubt the rest will be completed and published till Friday, especially as I need to go for a run tomorrow night.

Shame I missed this one (should have been away for the 8 miler…..) especially as the conditions seem to have been cool, unlike my last run on the sea front at Ipsos……….

Update Friday 2150, 30th June:

Handicap results, current standings and prizewinners completed and attached below!


PS don’t forget that the handicap league starts to get a bit more complex herein as only six results out of the eight races count.  This means that you have to score more points than your existing lowest score to increase your total points…………….

14th June 2017 AUTHOR: Mike Murray CATEGORIES: News Tags: , ,

Summer League Sproatley 7 Mile Results…….

Results from last night’s Summer League, all went smoothly once again.  Good to see that everyone is making it easy for the bib number recorders to accurately record your finish!  Save me getting into trouble for suggesting their eyesight is not good enough to read numbers through your arms as you poise to stop your GPS watches, numbers that flap in the wind because you haven’t used enough pins or in some instances are on the back of the vest!  As for the race, some great times with one exception I’m aware of (that’s yours truly!).

If anyone recognises any problems please get back to me.


31st May 2017 AUTHOR: Mike Murray CATEGORIES: News Tags: , ,

Summer League Leven 10k Results

Results attached for last night’s race.

Good accurate timekeeping and bib number recording yesterday so thanks team and for all the runners keeping their bib numbers clear on the approach to the finish line.

Hope to process the prizes and handicaps later but may have to go out; patience is a virtue, at least I think my mum told me so………..and so it came to pass that the results secretary pulled his finger out and completed the rest of the results earlier than even he expected…………


P.S. – The usual disclaimer; handicapping is nothing to do with me, I just do as I’m told!

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