I know you’ve all been waiting for these especially as the handicap league hots up. The two leaders both suffered on Tuesday, one not running the other not scoring high enough despite finishing in exactly his handicap time………well done Peter Dearing!

Handicap Results Race 7 Skirlaugh 8 Mile 11th June 2017

Handicap Table @12th July 2017 after 7 races

Prize Winners EHH Summer League 2017 Skirlaugh 8 Mile

Results EHH Summer League 2017 Skirlaugh 8 Mile 11th July 2017

As ever, the leading runners pushed each other hard with some really good times, and in case anyone missed it, Mr. Keith (tedious) Conkerton ran really well once again for yet another personal best, joking apart, great running Keith.

Once again, I deny any responsibility for your individual handicap times, if you spot any errors please let me know; and if there are any then it’ll probably be down to yours truly…….enjoy!