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15th May 2019 AUTHOR: dwhite CATEGORIES: Event Report Tags: ,

Summer League East Park 4 Mile

Looked like it was a great turn out and the sun also put his/her hat on. Anyway here are the results for last nights summer league:

Any mistakes please let Beth Dearing on the accompanying Facebook post () or email [email protected].

Darren White

1st May 2019 AUTHOR: Mike Murray CATEGORIES: Event Report Tags: ,

Summer League Sproatley 6 Mile

It only seems like it was a fortnight ago that I was posting the last set of results, and here we are again!

A pleasant evening’s racing ensued, well at least I think it was, I was in a race of my own, in the pub, drinking beer and working on the results……………..so we know where the blame will lie if there are any errors……

Turns out all the errors were not my fault and I’ll keep repeating that phrase till you all believe me……

Note changes in Blue text!

Mike Hargreaves (EHH) was once again first across the line in 31:40 followed by Gregan Clarkson (KuHAC 32:33) and Lewis Suddaby (EHH 34:32).

Ladies event was won by Kerry Pearson Rotherham Harriers in 37:25 with our own Carole Fee and Kirsty Wilson following in 40:45 and 41:47 respectively

Both team prizes once again retained by East Hull Harriers.

First three in the handicap were Graeme Smith, Stephen Taylor, Dave Anderson all EHH.

I must credit Dave Gowans with some assistance with the results this time around.  It is really useful to have photographic evidence to identify the suspicious character running in a number from a previous event not connected to the current series.  Rumour has it he had no clean vests left and this one was at the bottom of the wash basket, having last been aired at the Hedon four mile race last July………we won’t name names shall we Mark Bissell?

It was also useful in providing evidence that Stephen Eblett (BRR) did indeed finish in 150th place and not Mike Abbotts of Durham City!

The early league leaders in the handicap are:

Samantha Bollon BRR 184; Alan (lightning strikes twice) Smith EHH 176; Karen Scott CoH 164

As ever, if you spot any mistakes (I refer you to the second para) let me know and I’ll eventually get round to rectifying them, probably at the weekend. Never, ever tell me again…….they’re always perfect………

Next race results may be somewhat delayed, either in part or totally. I’m away to Aus for a couple of weeks so will miss the East Park bash, Beth Dearing will probably publish the basic results, you may have to await my return for the rest.

Happy Running!


5th May 2017 AUTHOR: Mike Murray CATEGORIES: News Tags: ,

Summer League Race Two Sproatley 6 Mile

Revised prize winners and handicap results for race two, apologies to those who have had their winnings suddenly snatched from their ‘hands’.  Also a revised handicap league table incorporating ALL entrants this time………apologies for a couple of schoolboy errors but it was late……I’d like to blame the alcohol or drugs but I was abstaining that night!

If you spot any more errors get in touch and I’ll have another look….

EHH Summer League 2017 Handicap Table After Race Two

Handicap Results EHH Summer League Race 2 Sproatley 6 Mile 2nd May 2017

Prize Winners EHH Summer League Race 2 Sproatley 6 Mile 2nd May 2017