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Haltemprice 10k 30/10/2016

The Haltemprice 10k has in the past been a race that for me has always managed to clash with something else, so I’ve managed to avoid this surprisingly tough undulating road run for far too long. Personal stupidity did nearly make sure I missed it this year too, however on the day race entries were my saviour. I knew I’d entered a race somewhere for this weekend and had been convinced it was Haltemprice, but the postal entries only rule had shed doubt, because it’s not like me to spend money on a stamp. This was coupled with the fact that I hadn’t received a number, so in the end my beer money had to be spent on entry for the race (thanks to Pete Dearing for bailing me out) – I can only assume I should have been in Scarborough for their 10k which was on the same day. I really will have to start keeping an events diary.

The much talked about and it would seem highly enjoyable Harriers three peaks weekend had ensured that there would be less than usual red vests at Haltemprice (along with Scarborough and Brigg 10k’s). So it’s testimony to the growth of the club, that we still managed to have over a dozen  representatives doing the East Hull massive proud.

Pete kindly offered to do the driving, so with typical perfect timing, he collected first myself and then Magda, before the relatively short journey to Haltemprice, where he drove us around the route before parking up near to the sports hall, this proved to be really helpful for figuring out a race plan in the mind before the start. Magda had been at a Hallowe’en party the night before and much discussion was had regarding whether or not she should have done the race still in her fancy dress garb, however she chose to run in more conventional gear, a decision perhaps made easier by her going tee-total for the evening too ( shocking I know). However her resolve was rewarded with a well earned pb for 10k. A good sign that there is better to come from Magda, was the fact that even though she’d got her pb on a tough course she was still disappointed with her time.

Our car full – Magda on her way to a pb, Pete and myself.

New Harriers Paul Wright, Tim Groves and Maria Hussey were also rewarded for the hard work they’ve been putting in with 10k pb’s and there was the customary prize winning position for Kerry Young who managed to finish 4th lady even after a lazy holiday in Benidorm just previous to the race.

Here are the results for all the Harriers that raced at Haltemprice: (coming soon hopefully – Ed)

There were a few amusing instances of people running on well after the finish, as if 10k wasn’t enough, this was partly due to an enforced change in start and finish positions, due to the school closure, mind at least they had the good sense to pick up their commemorative mugs. I’ll blame hill induced altitude sickness for my stupidity, but having seen Kris Lecher holding his mug, I’d assumed that it was the winners prize. It was only when I got back in Pete’s car and saw Magda with her mug that I thought something was amiss. I believe my words were “Where the f**% did you get that? It’s fair to say that Pete and Mags both had a bit of a giggle at my expense  apart from that this was a fantastic run, in very good autumnal conditions and definitely one that I’ll do next year, as long as I remember to enter it that is.

Maria and Tim, new Harriers attaining pb’s, Kerry Young on her way to finishing 4th Lady (sorry, I couldn’t find a pic of Paul Wright).

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