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London marathon blog

I have decided to complete a weekly blog mapping out my progress in the build up to running in the 2018 London Marathon, my training plan will of course include running with two key races already planned in – Barcelona half marathon early February & the East Hull 20 late March, it will also include my joint first love Bodyattack, I first stumbled across attack about 5 years firstly thinking it was going to be to dancy, however i love the high energy moves which can burn around 600 calories per class & gets the heart rate peaking around 160/170, this class I find compliments my running great & finally core strength & leg workouts these sessions are vital to me with my previous issues with my back & legs. Ever since I secured a club place I have been thinking about what time I want to do, at the moment I’m thinking around 3.15 to 3.20 but might reassess further in to my training. Blog started week commencing 1st January.

Week 1: after an illness over Christmas set me back I was keen to get cracking in week 1, New Year’s Day brought a double Parkrun great to see massive numbers at both, Tuesday last day of my Xmas hols I ventured out to Brantingham to do the hill route plus quarry add on.Sunday was the Humberside cross country champs at Costello with a great turnout from the EHH massive & some cracking performances as well, personally I was a little disappointed with my run felt a little sluggish the last two laps but overall happy with week 1 especially after been ill.

Total miles – 26.4 miles

Week 2: legs felt really heavy Monday so didn’t run til Wednesday evening, I’d roughly planned out a 4 mile run that I will be doing in the mornings to get some extra miles in, managed a decent pace & legs felt a little looser. Booked in for a massage on the Friday to get the lactic acid out. Saturday was the club championships, a great turnout from the men & women, I started off trying to tail Darren but he soon pulled away after 3 miles the next few miles were a tussle with Martin Oliver & was grateful for his advice telling me to use the field edge on the ploughed bit, before Tony Cross passed me on the fence we had to traverse, managed to latch on to him til the end, was really pleased with a 9th place finish. Sunday I ran the Beverley beaver trail for the first time with Andy Johnson from Bev, despite been out on the Saturday night a very enjoyable 13 miles. After a slow start to the week I was happy with the weekend running.

Total miles – 25 miles

Week 3: Tuesday I headed out for my first morning run doing my 4 mile route rather than been a recovery run I made it a progressive one trying to get a bit of speed back in the legs, with Ferriby 10 coming up at the end of January I went to hillwork on Thursdaynight, hills are something I always struggle on in races so maybe I should get there more often, a good session was had & a great turnout as well. Saturday I went back to Humber Bridge Parkrun searching for that sub 20 again just missing out by 6 seconds I’ll get it one day. Sunday I had a 10 mile run in my weekly planner so I chose the Sproatley / Coniston loop i’d ran it with the fast lads last year & enjoyed the route, the plan was to go around 30/40 seconds quicker than my marathon pace & despite cold & slightly icy conditions i managed to average 6.50 miles, but what was more pleasing was the fact I maintained the same pace throughout  something I struggle with for time to time.

Total miles – 27 miles

Week 4: The last week of the month & it was time for my first road race of the year – the Ferriby 10, I decided on three short sessions this week to keep myself ticking over, Tuesday morning I did my 4 mile route again I made it in to a progressive run the faster miles seem to be coming a lot easier now which led me to Costello for a track session on Wednesday night it was good to be back & surprised myself with a bit of toe. I had been reluctant to do any speedwork as it’s led to injuries in the past mostly my hamstrings but I’ve been doing more leg work at the gym which seems to be helping. As I was dressed as a turtle on the Friday night I went for a 5k run in the afternoon to keep myself bobbing along nicely for Sunday I managed my quickest 5k time in more than a year, was the track really that good ?? Sunday – Ferriby 10, in my mind I was thinking sub 67 what actually happened was a minute & a half PB of 65.24 after the problems I’d had in the last year it was great to set a good marker down – the race itself – I wanted to set out quick for the first mile as I knew I would lose a bit in miles 2 to 5 on the uphill sections, conditions apart from the swirling wind were near perfect. From around mile 4 I had Tony Cross for company TC has been on fire lately so I latched on to him knowing he would end up with a similar finish time to me, the next 4 miles flew by with the help of the wind & the downhill sections & after the slight incline at the end the PB was in the bag.

Total miles – 23.1 miles

Really happy with January’s progress, running more often & the speed is coming back. Buzzing to finish the month off with a PB at Ferriby 10. In between all the running I’ve fitted in gym classes, yoga & the important core & legs workouts. Next month brings a fast course for the Dewsbury 10k, Barcelona half marathon with Vinny, Steve T & Dan & some longer training runs.

Mike Petersen

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