22nd October 2018 AUTHOR: dwhite CATEGORIES: Event Report

Major Stone Half Marathon

I sat down and set myself certain targets for rest of the year after east hull 20. One of these was a sub 80 half marathon so I decided to enter two. The first one being Humber half which I knew was a tough course and then this one which was labelled undulating. I was thinking the target would probably have to achieved at the latter and having missed out by seven seconds at Humber half I was proved right.

As I’m still relatively new to this running lark almost every race is a new experience to me so I came into this race not knowing what to expect. Training for the Yorkshire marathon has left me knackered but has been going well and the increased mileage has seen some quite big improvements so I’m quietly confident of a good run. The plan is simply to go out fairly hard and fight at the end to hang on.

A quick glance around the start line sees the red vests of Rob, Steve and Dave so there goes any chance of a prize haha. I see Dave from CoH and James from driffield and having ran stride for stride with James for Hedon 4 and Gilberdyke 10 the week previous week (until the last few hundred metres when I was left in his trail on both occasions) a plan was formulated to do the same again.

It was a warm day and it wasn’t until later in the race I realised it was a bloody windy one too. The race starts and the 3 red vests disappear into the distance. I settle for a steady first mile and find myself back in a sizeable pack but by the time the first mile marker I’ve reached the front of the pack next to James and soon we both break away. I wasn’t expecting to be in this position so early. Thoughts start to turn to a top 5 finish. Around 4 mile I see a big climb coming in front of me. At this point James drops back and aside from a wasp that decided to fly into my mouth and sting my lip shortly after I’m pretty much left to my own company for the next 9 miles. As the miles tick by I can occasionally see Rob as a mere dot of red in the distance (no chance of catching him) and then the turnaround point sees there’s still a few runners not too far behind me so that’s all the motivation I need to keep pushing on.

Around the ten mile mark I see another climb and know I’m going to have to dig in now. Miles ten and twelve prove very difficult with a strong headwind and climbs that just wouldn’t let up. After I got through mile 12 though things just seemed easier and I felt my legs start to move again and the thought of hanging on to my position was enough to keep me going hard for the last mile. I finish with a chip time of 1:18:27 and extremely happy with both time and position I reward myself with a quick sports massage which hurts more than the run and then settle for a cup of tea and a cracking piece of flapjack before a lovely Sunday dinner and couple of ales later in the afternoon.

Overall this was a very enjoyable race and very well organised so massive thanks to Richard and the team. Challenging course, great scenery and a great t shirt for those late night/early morning runs. Also considering the race is run on open roads I don’t remember seeing one car pass at any point. See you next year!

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