30th June 2019 AUTHOR: dwhite CATEGORIES: Event Report

Liverpool Rock & Roll Marathon 26th May 2019

This was my third marathon of the year. So lets go back to the beginning of the year.

Training started with running 7 days a week, speed training on Tuesday night with Pete Dearing and everything else with top training partner Paul Wray.

March 17th Wrexham Marathon.  3 hours 6 minutes 12 seconds (03:06:12). Fantastic result.

April 28th London Marathon.  Three weeks before London got a bad chest infection so stopped training completely.  On race day had a good first half, second half fell apart. Got bad cramp (not fun), ended up with a bad hamstring and a painful lower back.  Not happy with time of 03:25:16 when I had set out to run 03:05:00.

26th May Liverpool Rock & Roll Marathon.  The morning drive to Liverpool had really heavy rain and strong winds but come the 10am start the rain had nearly stopped but still very windy.  Then we were off onto the Waterfront past the Beatles Statue. Then up hill all the way to Goodison Park round Stanley Park. Back down the hill into the city centre past the Craven Club along the Waterfront again, up into Chinatown then past Princes Park going into and all around Sefton Park, heading out towards Penny Lane round a cone back down into Sefton Park.  (Penny Lane is not very exciting.)

With about 4 miles to go, turned right along the River Mersey and was met with a bloody strong head wind.  Struggling past Liverpool Festival Gardens I was starting to find it hard work in the wind as there was no escaping it.  I could see the end in sight after a few more twist and turns around the Waterfront, I tried to give it a sprint over the finish line in a time of 03:24:27.  Finish position 235 out of 3116. 27th in my age group out of 255.

All in all I am very happy with my time and finish position,  The support was fantastic, every mile and a half or two miles there was music, performed by rock bands/rappers/DJ’s which made the marathon more enjoyable.  I would definitely consider doing another Rock & Roll Marathon again

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